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eat happy.

We’re working to make the world of food a happier place for us all. We grow, pack, and ship organic produce in the Southeast and beyond.

what makes us

We value people and the planet over profits. It all started with our passion to create economic, environmental and social sustainability within the food system. From there, we grew the relationships and infrastructure that truly support farmers, because we know that the foundation for a sustainable future starts with happy farmers and happy dirt.

how we serve
people & planet

what's fresh.

From organic sweet potatoes to organic broccoli and organic strawberries to organic citrus, we gather diverse harvests from several regions in order to meet your growing demand for a steady stream of high quality organic produce throughout the year. 

we're farmer-owned.

Farmers are heroes and quite literally our backbone. Serving on our board and working side-by-side with the Happy Dirt team, they help guide every business decision we make. Because everything we do, we do for our farmers.

nature's essential helpers.

There’s a lot of action on the farm that kinda goes unnoticed. Meet nature’s heroes – pollinators, protectors, replenishers and elements – for a peek into nature’s magic. Teaming up with our farmers, they make organic possible.

the happy dirt blog

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