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When our journey began in 2004, local and organic produce was not easy to find in our corner of the country. Together with a small group of farmers we set out to solve this problem. Today we are proud to partner with hundreds of farmers and customers throughout North America.

Happy Dirt is here to make organic much more relatable for us all…retailers, chefs, shoppers and guests. It truly is our joy to better connect you to our incredible farmers and their healthy and delicious food.

Eat Happy!

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capabilities & commitments

We have the audacity to believe that providing fresh fruits, vegetables and pantry goods can make us all a little happier. It’s also a great way to build a more sustainable food system. So every day at Happy Dirt, we work hard to pool diverse harvests from several regions, supporting our farmers and enabling us to meet your growing demand for a steady stream of high-quality food choices throughout the year. Happy customers, happy farmers and a happier planet.

When it comes to driving our mission, our capabilities are virtually endless in helping you access the product you desire from farmers you can trust.

We recognize that no two needs are the same. Flexibility is built into our model. We can offer LTL or FTL shipping, via delivered pricing or FOB to your location anywhere in North America, or one of our friendly drivers at your back door in our immediate region. We’re happy to ship straight pallets or mixed pallets of commodity items or smaller specialty crops. Whatever your needs may be, we proudly and skillfully inspire connections between buyers and producers every day.

Through targeted buying and advocating for fair prices, we are also driving growth and expansion for our partners throughout the food system.

We believe we have the best team in the industry. The entire staff of Happy Dirt is focused on quality, fulfillment and delivery records. In addition, you can expect stellar professionalism, friendliness, thoughtfulness and communication. Trust the constant feedback we get from current customers… You’ll be HAPPY!

Happy Dirt participates in the following third-party audit programs to ensure its commitment to core values: Certified Organic, Food Safety Certified (Primus GFS), Certified B-Corporation, and Certified Living Wage Employer. All of these protocols make Happy Dirt a stronger business – more resilient, sustainable, and better for people and planet!

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meet our farmers

Our farmers are guided by a passion for growing and harvesting the absolute best for you. Practiced, patient, and brilliant, they are always working hard to deliver what Mother Nature intended. Meet some of the farmers that make Happy Dirt a reality for us all.

Our farmers

Mixed veggies and berries

Certified organic since 2007
GAP Certified since 2015
Sweet potatoes and mixed veggies

Certified organic since 1996
GAP certified since 2016
Sweet potatoes

Certified organic since 2016
GAP Certified since 2016

Our Crew

Alex Borst

Purchasing Manager

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Anthony Johnson


[email protected]

Becky Byrum

Accounting Manager

[email protected]

Constance Collins

Financial & Admin specialist

[email protected]

Eric Chen

Local & Specialty Sales

[email protected]

Fiona Matthews

Sales Assistant & Pantry Buyer

[email protected]

Flower Power

Director of Hosting

Hannah Taylor

Purchasing Assistant

[email protected]

Joe Whitley


[email protected]

Kenneth Wall

Pack Team

[email protected]

Laura Cloak

Sales Manager

[email protected]

Love Bug

Chief Protector

Michael Jones

Pack Team

[email protected]

Queen Bee

Pollinator Extraordinaire

Randall Diers


[email protected]

Sandi Kronick


[email protected]

Shatia Freeman

QIC Assistant

[email protected]

Steve Ligon

Pack Team

[email protected]

Sugar Ray

Hotshot Element

Taylor Holenbeck

Grower Services Coordinator

[email protected]

Taylor Meadows

Social Media Coordinator

[email protected]

Tucker Bates

Operations Manager

[email protected]