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meet “the team”

Happy Dirt tells the simple story of how nature’s heroes – pollinators, protectors, replenishers and elements – under the knowing hands of our farmers, produce healthy food for you, in balance with nature.

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Elemental gifts like sunshine and clean, fresh water are essential for healthy crops.

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It radiates through the atmosphere with a warming touch. Every ray gives crops the vital energy to feed its own growth – and for the fruits to make glucose! Sunshine is sweet life. Simple as that!

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From the heavens to the field, every little drop of water is precious. Crops and flowers drink it in for energy & structure to stand tall among the sun and wind. This magical elixir is pure power.

yellow squash


Nectar lovers ensure propagation for our thriving crops.

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Honey bee

Busy + buzzy, the queen has regal senses that are ideal for finding food. The honey bee makes thousands of trips every day to collect and share pollen, which is essential for many crops to thrive.

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Hover fly

The hover fly is one incredible, nectar-loving pollinator – protecting crops by keeping them free of aphids and caterpillars.

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Helpful + hungry insects guard against and devour pesty bugs.

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Tachinid Fly

The tachinid fly is one mean pest-eating machine. A voracious and natural enemy of pests like caterpillars and beetles, SuperFly is always ready to save the day.

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Lady Bug

Pretty as can be in red, their color forewarns predators to “stay away.” Ladybugs shower crops with love by keeping the very bad aphids and beetles at bay. Next, she retires to a purple lair of hairy vetch to rest up for another wondrous day.



A haven for beneficial insects and balancer of soil ecosystem.

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Golden Rod

Sweet golden surprise. Goldenrod’s irresistible nectar attracts hero protectors & pollinators like lacewings and bees. Planted along the fields’s edge, Flower Power feeds and keeps them safe.

meet our farmers

Our farmers are guided by a passion for growing and harvesting the absolute best for you. Practiced, patient , and brilliant, they are always working hard to deliver what Mother Nature intended. Meet some of the farmers that make Happy Dirt a reality for us all.

Our farmers

Mixed veggies and berries

certified organic since 2007
GAP Certified since 2015
Sweet potatoes and mixed veggies

Certified organic since 1996
GAP certified since 2016
Sweet potatoes

certified organic since 2016
GAP Certified since 2016